Finally I am back. I’ve been pretty much busy because of an exhibition I’ve been working on.

I was offered this interesting occasion to exhibit in an ancient austrian Fort, called Forte Gazzera, which is a few kilometres away from the metropolitan city of Venice.

Forte Gazzera

Forte Gazzera

I designed a little photography project about the four natural elements of an unusual city such as Venice.

Infact I realised six triptychs, made indeed of three photos each. They represent the natural elements wich Venice is conposed of: the first one of the triptych represents water, the second one represents ground and the third air.

Il Fuoco Siamo Noi - The Fire Is Us

The particular thing about the triptychs is that each one is labeled by a particular sign, technically called Pantone.

The Pantone works through an exadecimal code, used to identify a very specific tone of colour. The code in the sign represents, in fact, the code for the main colour of wich the three photos are composed.

I personally made researches and codification for all of them.

Pantone per Il Fuoco Siamo Noi

The title of the series is Il Fuoco Siamo Noi, that means, translated from Italian, obviously, The Fire Is Us. This makes the whole artwork easy to understand: I chose to represent the main elements of a unique city in three pictures as a pattern, but the fourth is missing, the fire.

The fire is us. Us, the inhabitants of the city I chose to represent in my work. We are the fire of the city, because we walk through it like blood in the veins, giving it life, as it should be, to never let it die.

Il Fuoco Siamo Noi - The Fire Is Us

The exhibition is located in Mestre (VE), the inauguration was this Saturday, 23rd September, and it will be open till the end of October.

Il Fuoco Siamo Noi - The Fire Is Us

It was a beautiful day, there were 50 different artists, with every kind of different fields of art, like painting, drawing, sculpture, video, audio installation. And every artwork was great.

Myself in front of the prints of my photographs.

You can follow me on this blog, or on Instagram at @ginevra_scialpi_ph, or on Facebook at Ginevra Scialpi Photography.

My official website is at

Ginevra Scialpi

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