Welcome, September.

© Ph. by Ginevra Scialpi

Finally, my favourite season, Autumn, seems a little bit closer, and this suffocating hotness is going to fade away.

Welcome fall, welcom storms, welcome leather jackets, welcome hot tea cups, and welcome blackberries.

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Working on a University project.

Today will be a productive day. I decided to start planning my new school project.

We study NTA, which stands for New Technologies for the Arts, at the Academy of Fine Arts. This means we take and edit photographies, but also shoot videos, realise graphic artworks and similar.

So my task for today is to realise the project of a video that eventually I’ll have to shoot.

Well, actually it’s two videos.

So, in the first one I will tell a particular love story, which has an unexpected ending (I won’t promise it’s a happy one).

The second one will be a modern reinterpretation of a fairly famous YouTube video, which has had a lot of funny parodies, as the video is weird and funny itself. I will realise another one on that format, but I want it to be serious and well done.

Sounds interesting? I will keep posting updates!